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Problem enabling POE on 205H

I am trying to use an AP205H to supply wirless and wired access to an office. The office only has one Jack so I plan on attaching the AP to the wall and then use port 3 to deliver both POE and data to the phone. The problem that I am encountering is that regardless of my configurations I can not get the device to send out POE. I know that the port is working for data becasue I tested the port on the AP  with a power enjector and it worked.


I also checked to make sure that LLDP was enabled on the switch and the port. The AP is currently getting 30w of power.


Does anyone have any other ideas on how to get this working? 


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Re: Problem enabling POE on 205H

Update on the situation, 


I was able to get the AP205H working with the correct configuration but only breifly. When I unplugged the AP the AP would not power the phone again because it was not receiving enough power from the switch. To get it working again we had to change the configuration on the switch from trunk to access then back to trunk.


From all of this it seems that there is an issue with the LLDP negotiation between the switch and the AP. I am not yet 100% convinced that this is the issue though. 


Does anyone have any ideas about this?



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