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Problem setting up external captive portal


we are running a setup of some iap225 and trying to setup an external captive portal for the guest wifi. I`ve build a linux apache webserver with a test html-page and configured the external captive portal on the aruba. So, when i connect to the wifi it tries to load the captive portal page and after some time it displays an error, that the website is not reachable.

On the webserver, there is a connection in the access.logs from the aruba ap. And it`s also possible to access the external captive portal by ip from the wifi-client (and yes, i made some pre-authentication-rules for the external page).


Any help would be appreciated!



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Re: Problem setting up external captive portal



Can you manually browse to the captive portal IP?


Have you added pre-authentication rules to allow HTTP/HTTPS access to the captive portal page?


Are you using a DNS name for the captive portal? Can you resolve this name by pinging or nslookup from a device in the pre-authenticated role?


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Re: Problem setting up external captive portal

Yes, i can maually browse to the CP IP.

I`ve also added the pre-authentication rules.

I`m not using a dns-name for the cpative portal. And i can browse the captive portal by IP from a device in the pre-authentication role.

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Re: Problem setting up external captive portal

Did you see the video here?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeZ7pOultMw&list=PL37Y-XxK6oanTV3821XpKHFVo3hGPW-56&index=64  


It would give you all the checks you need to make sure that at least a basic page works.

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Re: Problem setting up external captive portal

Yes, i`ve configured the captive portal exactly like in the video.


maybe i need to give you some more informations: There is an extra vlan for the guest-wifi and also another vlan for the aruba management. The external captive-portal page is in the aruba management vlan. I´ve configured the pre-authentication-rules to access the captive-portal page from the guest-vlan - also on our firewall.

When I´m connected to the guest-wifi, the redirect to the cp-page is not working but when i enter the IP manually in the browser, i can access this page.


I'm really running out of ideas now...

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Re: Problem setting up external captive portal

I`ve found something maybe interresting thing: Now i see the logon-page and when i click on the accept button, it tries to load the page https://hostname/swarm.cgi - where hostname is the IP of the Aruba-VC (i`ve also ordered an official ssl-certificate for that host) and ends up with an error. When i ping that hostname from the client, it resolves to the IP ( - which is not the correct one. The VC-IP is - this is also configured in our DNS.

Why is the aruba resolving to the wrong IP?

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