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Problem when provisioning CAPs

Hi experts,


I have provisioned 7 CAPs, all of them are in the same AP group. However, 5 of them are OK and I can see them in the local controller, but I can't see 2 of them, they keep rebooting and I can only see them in the master controller. As said, all of them are in the same AP group so I don't know what is the problem.

The CAPs that are OK are named AP_SJL1_09-13, and those which are not are named AP_SJL1_14-15. In the master controller:


All of them are with this configuration (except their IPs):


In the local controller I only see AP_SJL1_09-13:


What can be wrong? What can I do? Please help!


Thanks in advance,







Re: Problem when provisioning CAPs

Hi guys,


Finally the two APs joined the local controller as well. I don't know what happened but the took much time to join, I will monitor them tomorrow to see they keep steady and don't reboot, and be back here if they do.




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