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Problem with AP-105 and country code PH (Philippines)

I am having problems bringin up 4 new AP-105s that where recently deployed in our Manila office.  The problem I am seeing is that one of the two radios we are running on these AP's seems to be defaulting to Air Monitor mode with the following error message "No valid channels; entering air monitor mode".  I have checked the regulatory domain profile and the channels look fine.  So, I don't understand what is causing this issue. 


Any help or guiadance would be greatly appreciated.  If some one else has run into this issue before I would be interested in knowing how you worked around it, etc. 


Here are some relevant details for your info:


#We are running AOS version at the moment


#AP-Debug Logs:

  Aug 13 19:46:33 :402000:  <WARN> |stm|  AP manila-ap-1radio 1: No valid channels; entering air monitor mode.
  Aug 13 19:46:33 :305026:  <DBUG> |stm|  sapm_override_ap_radio_prof: AP manila-ap-1 radio 1: enabled 1 mode 2 chan 0 pwr 30
  Aug 13 19:46:33 :402000:  <WARN> |stm|  AP manila-ap-1 radio 1: No valid channels; entering air monitor mode.



  AP "manila-ap-1" Radio 1 Operating Information
  Item             Value    Source
  ----             -----    ------
  High throughput  Enabled  Configuration
  Mode             APM      Regulatory
  Band             802.11g


#See attachment for the regulatory domain profile settings.




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Re: Problem with AP-105 and country code PH (Philippines)

Ok after working with Aruba TAC regarding this issue they were able to confirm that my issue is essentially old code :(  Apparently, version 3.4.x was released before the AP-105 was certified for the Philippines. 


According to Aruba TAC one way to check if a specific AP is supported for a specific country code is to use the command "show ap allowed-channels country-code <2 letter code> ap-type <ap model>". If the AP is supported you should get an output showing all of the supported channels for each radio.


I have attached two outputs from my controller running AOS 3.4.x for a supported and unsupported country.  This command is also available in AOS 6.1x and it provides an additional option to check the allowed maximum EIRP which comes in handy from time to time "show ap allowed-max-EIRP ap-name <name of AP>"


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