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Problem with AP175P updating properly

I have an AP175P that was up and stable for about 6 months and then unexpectedly went down.  In troubleshooting the issue I found that it will only power off of a midspan injector.  A standard PoE+ line won't power it.  When it boots it tries to TFTP an update.  When doing so it gives the output of "T UDP wrong checksum"  followed by the checksum number(s).  It then reboots and does the same thing repeatedly.  When looking for the master controller it doesn't find it but rather cycles through our local controllers.  Any ideas?


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Re: Problem with AP175P updating properly

If its only opreated by midspan POE - It sound to me like a dead unit...I had it once (after a thunder storm / grounding didnt helped so much) (With the same unit)


Before contacting TAC u may also try to get the unit contact controller,Just stop the unit at boot (keep pressing enter while unit is starting to get power) and enter boot enviroment of master / serverip manully:


setenv master your-master-address

setenv serverip your-master-address




The POE issue - u worte..and checksum ...seems to me like D.O.A unit - Please contact TAC for further debug & offical answer.


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Re: Problem with AP175P updating properly

AP-175 are supposed to be powered off of an 802.3at compliant power source. in addition it should either be an outdoor rated injector with built in lightning protection (which is in turn grounded) or an indoor device with an in line power passing lightning protection device on the eth cable. in either case the device providing lightning protection should be installed just inside or just outside the point of entry into the building envelope.
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