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Problem with Airgroup, Macbook Pro and Apple TV

I have been working to get Airgroup working and have ran into a few issues.


I currently have Airgroup enabled with all of the services enabled to include allow all. I have an apple TV on a separate vlan and SSID from my Macbook, Ipad and Iphone. I am able to airplay mirror with my Iphone and Ipad to the Apple TV but I am not able to mirror from my Macbook to the apple TV. 


When I run the following commands I can see my Macbook listed as both a User and a server with different services. 


Does anyone have any ideas as to why certain devices work fine and my Macbook Pro does not work? has anyone else ran into this issue?


show airgroup servers | include chris
78:ca:39:b1:e1:da mDNS chris-MacBook-Pro allowall 100 wireless authenticated chris-01 test-01


#show airgroup users | Include chris
78:ca:39:b1:e1:da DLNA chris-MacBook-Pro 100 authenticated chris-01 test-01



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Re: Problem with Airgroup, Macbook Pro and Apple TV

Hi Dchris,


From the provided output, it seems like the MAC book is coming up in Airgroup user table as an DLNA client.


You could run a wireshark packet capture to check if MAC book is sending mDNS request for Airplay service.


Also, do you have any Airgroup policy to restrict the AppleTv from MACbook?


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Re: Problem with Airgroup, Macbook Pro and Apple TV

Sorrry for the delay,


I noticed that it was a DLNA client, I think that the service that should be listed is airplay right? 


I ran a packet capture on my Mac book and saw multiple MDNS requests for PTR_airport._tcp.local, "QM" question PTR _airplay.tcp


After doing a lot of research and reading into Airgroup and the issues and problems that others have had I keep aksing myself a few questions and I have not been able to find an answer yet.


"What determines if a device goes into the user table vs the server table? For both MDNS/DLNA/SSDP? 


My second question is, can we influence and conrtol the decision? 


Also FYI I oppened a Tac case and I will post what I find out. 




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Re: Problem with Airgroup, Macbook Pro and Apple TV

Controller puts a device as Airgroup sever if it responds to mDNS request running a service and as Airgroup usee if it sends an mDNS request looking for a service.


I am not sure if we can influence a device to show up either as a server or client.



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