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Problem with DHCP local scopes

Hello all, I am new to using aruba AP and I have a problem while configuring local DHCP scopes.


The currrent configuration I have is 5 305 AP (1 master and 4 slaves) and I want to have 4 different SSIDs, 1 of these is spreading on all APs, the other 3 however are just spreading on different APs, let's say SSID 2 on AP 2, SSID 3 on AP 3 and SSID 4 on AP 4, so far so good.


Then I assign different pools to the SSIDs, the network spreading on all AP is and it's configured as a guest network, network on SSID 2 is with a local DHCP scope assigned to VLAN 2, network on SSID 3 is with a local DHCP scope assigned to VLAN 1, up until this point is running as intended and I have no problems with it.


Now, the problem comes when I try to assign network with VLAN 3 as a local DHCP scope to SSID 4, for some reason when I do this and connect to the AP it gives me a 192.168.2.X IP address and I cannot figure out why.


It's worth mentioning that this only happens when I spread this network on slave AP, if I put the network to spread on the master it works perfectly.


Please help, and thanks for the answers!


P.S.: If you don't understand something or my question is not clear, please let me know and I'll try to rephrase it since english is not my first language

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Re: Problem with DHCP local scopes

Any chance you can share a diagram, will be easier to understand. What is providing DHCP for the VLANs in question, the IAP or an external DHCP server.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Problem with DHCP local scopes

The DHCP is provided by the IAP as "local DHCP scopes"

Here's a diagram, hope it works, and thanks for replying!Sin título.jpg



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