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Problem with IAP GUI



I have some IAP's that I am managing thru Airwave. But sometimes, I'll go on site and I would like to modify the configuration directly thru the GUI.


When I apply the modifications, they are rejected by the IAP that says Airwave don't let do this.


Is it the correct behavior or is there an option that let me modify my IAP in the GUI ?







Re: Problem with IAP GUI

No.  This is as expected.  When the IAP is being managed by Airwave, you cannot alter its config.  In Airwave 7.7.1+, there is the instant GUI config that mimicks the IAP UI.

Seth R. Fiermonti
Consulting Systems Engineer - ACCX, ACDX, ACMX
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Re: Problem with IAP GUI

This feature is in place to consolidate where the device management is being done.  If you're editing from AirWave and also editing directly on the IAP GUI, you would end up having to spend time addressing mismatches and may run into other issues.  If features like Auto-Repair are enabled in AirWave, it would create a race condition where a setting applied directly on the IAP would be overwritten by AirWave.  The feature removes the ability to get into this state and also gives better admin accounting on each device's audit log (which is why it's suggested that each admin have their own login acct to AirWave).

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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