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Problems during upgrade AOS 6.5.4.X to 8.6.X

Hi all,


we are upgrading our Aruba Networks infrastrutture from version 6 to 8.

We are using two virtual mobility masters managed by VRRP IP. We created a hierarchy using as mobility devices the local controllers are already present on the warehouses.

In this state any problem we have not found.

We big difference between configurations is the CPSec setting. On is not enabled, but now yes.

We move the APs from old configuration to new by changing DHCP option - option 43. We write the IP address of the managed device dedicated. We reboot the selected APs changing the AP Group from specific to default.

So, APs arrive to new infrastrutture but they try to upgrade their firmware without successful.

If an APs is somehay accepted, it stayed on Denied state even if we saw it on accept devices by WebGui. If I try to remove (clear gap-db, whitelist-db cpsec delete/purge) the AP is not removed.


The only way to fix these problems: is to reboot the md devices.

We checked the state of controller and it was good by "show switches". Ping between md device and mm is good. No different rules on network (firewalls, switches)

Do you have any ideas?
Or a command to start troubleshooting?


I hope everything is clear


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Re: Problems during upgrade AOS 6.5.4.X to 8.6.X

Under Configuration> System> CPSEC, do you have "Enable auto cert provisioning" configured?


Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 07.53.48.pngIf you do not, the access points in the "denied" state will be stuck and you will have to reboot them to get them out of that state after enabling "auto cert provisioning".

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Re: Problems during upgrade AOS 6.5.4.X to 8.6.X



Thank you for the advice. I will set this feature.


I understand what do you explain but if I don't error: denied state is after a several operations between AP and MD.


The mistakes we have had during update firmware phases of the APs.

Can it be a problem during Ike exhange?

And I want to add a detail (that I've remembered), when I did a comand "show switches debug" I noticed on md device an uptime too high as 193 year etc etc.

After a reboot this setting is become "normal"

How is it possible?




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