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Problems resetting AP-85TX to factory defaults

I have about 4 AP-85TX and I am trying to reset them to factory default. Is there a cable that goes directly from a computer to these AP-85TX (They have only one POE port and a DC Power port for connections). that will allow me to console in and reset the AP without connecting to a controller? I contacted aruba tech support and they gave me the pin out for this: Cable


  I connected the above cable to a laptop, the AP-85TX and also to an Aruba 200 and was unsuccessful in gaining access to reset the AP-85TX.  I was trying to do it with the Aruba 200 as it is a small controller and can be moved to the lab environment easily and I have CLI access. Our main controller is an Aruba 6000 but I do not have CLI access to that one and have not tried it with this one yet.. 


What is the best way to accomplish resetting these to factory default. Setting them up as mesh points got me in this predicament in the first place, as I do not think I configured them correctly with the mesh portal.


I am running on both controllers.





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