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Procedure to make a Local Controller in a Master/Local design to a Stand-Alone Master

I have a Aruba 7010 that is set up in a Master/Local configuration with APs on the Local, and I need to remove it from the Master controller and turn it into it's own Master. I have a couple questions on this procedure though. 


- If I select Master on the controller and it reboots, will it wipe any and all existing configuration (mostly local IP address and VLANs)

- Licenses will be removed from it since it is using Centralized Licensing from our current Master...is this correct? They will need to purchase their own licenses then right?

- When this controller reboots, will the APs also reboot and still attach themselves to this controller that is now acting as a Master (contingent on if they have the licenses installed)? Or will the APs lose their configuration completely and begin searching for Aruba-Master?


Anything else I should be aware of with doing this? Thank you. 

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