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Profiles between Master and Local.

One simple question that I can't find anything about it :


Should the profil choice between a Master and he's Local controller be sync ? We have 2 controller in test currently. PowerConnect 3400 from dell.


Here is a screen shot :




At left, it's my master saying that the Virtual AP for that profile is "DMZ2". The AP who use that profile are directly associate with the Local controler on another office. At right, you can see my Local controller. It say that the Virtual AP for that profile is "DMZ2-Tunnel."


Is it normal ? All that time that i got weird thing, though that my VAP was "DMZ2" because it say it on my master. But after a double check on the local, how suprised I was when I saw "DMZ2-Tunnel"...



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Re: Profiles between Master and Local.

Found by myself...


Need to do "Save Configuration" for the configuration be sync with the local from the master ! :smileysad:

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Re: Profiles between Master and Local.

Correct.  A "save configuration" or "write mem" on the commandline is required to push an applied configuration from the master to the locals.


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