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Promoting Slave to Master

Hi all, I have been given the job of splitting our Master and Two slave controllers due to the useage of old AP61s and out need to update firmware.


We currently have a 7200 and two 3400s running However we still have a number of customers using AP61/65s. We cannot update firmware to 6.4, but the only new APs customers can buy will only work on 6.4.


To get around this, we are making on of our Slaves a master and joining the remaing slave to that. We can then update those two to 6.4. The orginal Master will stay on 6.3 and server thos customers sites with old APs until such time they upgrade.


My main question is the process of making the Slave a master, we use Remote APs for all our sites. The internal user database is the same across all the switches and all the APs are set to our orginal master when they are provisioned. We then use AP system profiles to "push" the APs to relevent switch.


What sort of things do I need to look out for? Will they AP groups and configs stay on the slave when its prompted?





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