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Proper Gain Values for AP 224

I am looking for some clarification on what I should enter for the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Gain values when provisioning the AP224. The antenna that I have pared up with the 224 is a 6DBi Omnidirectional Antenna paired with lighting arrestors and antenna patch cables. The DB loss that I calculated for the cable and arrestor is 3 db. 

I had originally thought that the 6 DBI of the antenna was added to the 3db loss of the components to equal a total of 9DBi that would be entered on the 2.4/5Ghz value fields when provisining the 224. I think this might be inncorect based off of my partners suspisions and what I have found here on the forms. I beleive that the proper value that should be entered on the 2.4/5Ghz fields when provisioning this set up shold be 3. (6DBi antenna - 3 DB loss). Could anyone please help clairfiy this for me? Should I enter 6Dbi or 3 dbi?

Re: Proper Gain Values for AP 224

You are correct, if you have 3dB of 'loss' associated with the LAR and cabling, then you would do 


6dBi antenna gain + (-3dB LAR+cabling) = 3dBi overall antenna gain


Good luck!

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Re: Proper Gain Values for AP 224

Thank you Jhoward for clearing that up. I am going to make the change to the AP's now. 

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