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Provisioning AP's from remote branch

I have 2 AP's at a remote branch that I need to provision on a 3400 controller at the main site.  The 2 locations are connected via a point-to-point circuit.  Default route for all traffic at the remote branch is down the p2p to the main site.  The 2 AP's are unable to reach the controller, even with manually putting in the controller IP address into each AP.  Here are more detail sinto the IP addressing:


Main site:

controller is trunked to the core switch on native vlan 1 ( )with an address of: and default gateway of

vlan 6 (main site access points) L3 interface and vlan defined on core switch (  Vlan 6 is also defined on the controller (

P2P router to remote branch address:


Remote Branch:

vlan 1 on core switch (, L3 =

vlan 106 (access points)=

P2P router to main site:

Default route for entire site: /32


Can AP's register on controllers on dissimmilar networks?

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Re: Provisioning AP's from remote branch



Normally you would want to provision the AP's just like a local client using either DHCP or static IP's.  They would be on the same subnet as local users and use an IP and default gateway just as the local clients.  Then be sure to open up the required ports from the AP's to the controllers if you have any ACL's or firewalls between them. 


Then separately you could provision different subnets for the different ssid's to separate your wifi users from your wired users.


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Re: Provisioning AP's from remote branch

Thanks Ian.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) our standards already include everything you described.  The question still remains...is it possible for AP's to be provisioned on a controller that resides on a dissimilar network?

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