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Provisioning i-series gotcha

If I order a "93" from Dell, I receive a i-93. Dunno if you can still get the classic 93's ?

No biggy, you just convert it to a "controlled AP" in the webgui.


The gotcha is that if you reset it to factory defaults using the purge/setenv master x.x.x.x/save/boot incantation, you revert it to an i-series AP.


Then the AP won't show up in your provisioning table, although it receives an ip address in the same range as your controller (in a campus context), and you can ping it, so it can't be routing or vlan.


At the end of its boot sequence the AP ominously states " I'm master now ". That gave it away ...

In addition a ssid is created called "Instant".



Wanted to share this, just in case.




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Re: Provisioning i-series gotcha

They need to send you the right part.  It is available.


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