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QoS and GRE



We are planning on implementing a number of Aruba controllers in our network.   I expect that for some of the sites, the AP's will be at a branch site, whilst their controller will reside in our datacenter.


Currently, our QoS policy on our WAN classifies traffic via TCP/UDP port number.


My question is, as per my understanding, wireless user traffic from the branch site to the servers inour datacenter will be encapsulated inside GRE (assumping Campus mode APs), will our WAN routers still see the original TCP/UDP headers of the packets and be able to classiy traffic correctly ?


Also, to ensure reliable AP to controller communication over the WAN, is it just the PAPI protocol that we need to protect, or all GRE traffic ?



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Re: QoS and GRE

This is the question:


Do you want to prioritize ALL wifi traffic (web surfing, etc) or a specific type?


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Re: QoS and GRE

What I would like is to apply the existing QoS policies that are in place on my WAN routers to  to my Wi-Fi traffic, in the same way they are applied to the wired traffic.


For example, right now, if I make a VOIP call from a wired phone, the WAN routers will prioritize this traffic based upon the UDP port used in the TCP header.


If I do the same thing with a wireless phone, I am unsure as to whether the WAN router will be able to see this as voice traffic as it's GRE encapsulated.  ( I realise that the APs/controllers will know, but they aren't the devices making the forwarding/prioritzation decisions on the WAN)



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