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Query on Vlan mobility

We have 3 controllers 4704. Master and two local controllers are purely layer-2 connected to  layer 3 switch. We have  vlan pooling even assignment.


We did vlan pooling even assignment.as we ran out of IP addresses on a vlan having hash. We want to have  broadcast domains with subnet /23 so that it will be easy to manage.

If a client associates for eg:- Vlan 604 on controller A and Client moves to other controller B falls in  eg:- Vlan  619 We will have two entries of IP address on the DHCP server for the Client in Vlan 604 and 619. If the client is active in Vlan 619, the IP address in Vlan 604 will be available on the DHCP server until the lease period expires.


So we want ensure client will roaming from one controller to other Controller stays in the same vlan so that we do not come to a situation of exhausting IP addresses on the DHCP server.


We were told by TAC IP mobility is not recommended for Laptops rather it is for IP phones.

Can Vlan mobility help us to address the issue here?

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Re: Query on Vlan mobility

As Per design Vlan pooling will take preference than Vlan mobility. If client roams from the one controller to other Vlan assignment will be done using vlan pooling algorithm first.


So in the above scenario. Vlan mobility will not work

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