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Query on controller redundancy over VPN tunnel

Hi Everyone,


I have a small query regarding the controller redundancy.


We have a controllers placed in the remote sites and connected via service provider (through VPN connection). I would like to configure the master-standby redundancy.


Is it possible to configure the master-masterstandby (active-active) configuration eventhough the both the controllers are in different location and has different network IP address? Because VRRP is a L2 protocol and how will i configure the VRRP between them to establish the redundancy active-active setup?


If it is possible please let me know the sample configuration so that it will be easy for me to test it.  


Thank you in advance for the valuable support.




Re: Query on controller redundancy over VPN tunnel

In order to master-master redundancy you need VRRP and L2 connectivity.  If you can get the provider to extend the L2 network to the other site you could get it to work; but if this is not there, you cannot set this up.  You can however do master-local setup for AP redundancy thyrough primary/backup LMS.

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