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Question About Client Table

I manage all my IAP-205s and IAP-305s via AirWave Management Platform 8.2.5. My IAPs are on version


The issue im having is that some devices are showing with the wrong OS. i have looked thru many forms and tried to find the "show aaa device-id-cache | include <mac address>" command. For some reason when i ssh into the VC this command is not there. Does this command still exist or has it changed?

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Re: Question About Client Table

It never existed in Instant.  "show clients" or "show clients debug" should show you the OS of each client.  There is nothing that shows you the user agent.

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Re: Question About Client Table

ok thanks. so heres my next question. how can i tell were airwave is getting the OS information for connected devices? i have a pc thats connected and it says windows xp and i have verified this pc is not windows xp. is there a way to correct this? im sure theres others that are doing the same thing.

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Re: Question About Client Table

"show aaa device-id-cache" is not available for IAP.


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