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Question On Reporting...

We just moved to Aruba Controller/AP Infrastructure from Cisco. I have been tasked to understand why a client would connect to N when AC is available. We understand that it could be distance or a driver issue. What I want to do is collect Timestamp, Client Name, AP, Client PHY over a period of time. I see it all in real-time on the controller. Will AirWave be able to report on this. I have Graylog running for other IT services but don’t know if I could output this data to a log.  Any Thoughts or maybe point me to some documentation?



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Re: Question On Reporting...

Ok so I have the contorller sending (INFO) logs to my syslog server and I can parse the messages for the username. What I need is what the client connected at (AC/N?) it listed as (PHY) in the user table. Do you I really need to output the Debug for each user to get what I need? 

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