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Question about 2530 8G PoE switch

Hi everyone.


I have a question about PoE provison of 2530 8G switch. How many aruba 305 and 365 APs can one switch can actually support with power? In specs there are written only maximum power consumption ratings, but what about average? Can it support APs on all of its ports simultaneously? What are the best practices?


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Re: Question about 2530 8G PoE switch

I guess both models use around a maximum of 13 watts per device. 

The 2530 8 ports switch only provides 67 watts PoE. 

67/13 = 5,1 so you can use 5 devices. 


You always need to count the maximum power usage, unless you are planning to limit the capabilities of the access points. 


Practically you will use less power off course, but the only way to find out is testing this. You will also have a bit of extra consumption (max 1 watt per line) when the ethernet lines are long distance. 

Re: Question about 2530 8G PoE switch

Also while APs will use 13W of power, you will have power losses depending on the cable types and length. If you;re going to run on the edge, you have to account for that loss in the cable as well. 

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