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Question about AP Poe power

hi I encountered a trouble, under normal circumstances 

AP-205H Occupies 15.4W power。

In my network, I find some AP-205H use max power

it cause my switch to power out

my switch model cisco2960 48port total  740w  power

if some ap use 30w power,it must cause switch power out

can you tell me why some ap can use max power?




Re: Question about AP Poe power

AP-205H will try to secure the full 802,3at POE budget (25.5W at AP, 30W at switch) to allow it to deliver power to an attached USB and/or POE device.

If you enable the ap-poe-power-optimization provisioning parameter (which disables POE out and USB), it will request just 802.3af POE (12.95W, 15.4W).

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Re: Question about AP Poe power

hi,can you tell me how to config ap-poe-power-optimization (which disables POE out and USB) in WebUI or CLI ?

I don't find it in AP system porfile . thanks

Look forward to your favourable reply


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Re: Question about AP Poe power

Be careful as some older version of Cisco iOS (but not all) are known to have LLDP implementation problem, causing 802.3at negociation to fail. I personnally witness this problem on 2960, 2960X and 3750X.


Re: Question about AP Poe power

This parameter can be set as part of AP provisioning only; it's not a config option.

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