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Question about Ekahau

When I'm planning a new building I've done it with the Ekahau planning tool and the Aruba VisualRF tools. VisualRF is requiring 2 time the number of AP's to get -65 coverage for the same design using Ekahau. Has anyone else experienced this using both tools? We have a customer who is requiring us to use EK because they prefer that tool.

Re: Question about Ekahau

I use Airmagnet and also get a ridiculously low number of APs in that planning tool.


I find VisualRF is a much more accurate picture of what the coverage might look like.  I've based this on a like for like setup in Airmagnet, Visual RF and a real AP all set to the same power.  When I survey the real AP, the coverage area is closer to that show by Visual RF.

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Re: Question about Ekahau

Thanks for your observations. 

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Re: Question about Ekahau

Thanks for the insight! This post being almost 4yrs old, do you believe your findings to remain valid or have things changed?

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