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Question about channel utilization

I am trying to understand if I have a potential problem or not. In looking at my Mobility Controller dashboard I picked an access point at random and noticed that although it has zero clients in both 2.4 and 5gGHz it reports that its channel is 47% busy. The ones around it also report significant channel "busyness" although they have clients attached and are not to that extent.


Can anyone help me with what this means and is this a problem?


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Re: Question about channel utilization

Looks completely normal to me, all of your higher channel utilization channels are 2.4Ghz and the majority of your clients are on 5GHz so they are not being impacted by this. You can get close to 30% channel utilization on 2.4Ghz without any clients just due to beacons and management frames, it propogates further and there are only three non-overlapping channels. 


If you haven't already, try enabling broadcast filters and trimming your beacon and basic TX rates on 2.4Ghz and do a before/after. 

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Re: Question about channel utilization

thanks for the reply!

this stuff is complicated and many times it is difficult to know if it is a problem or not.


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