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Question about license pooling with two 6000 controllers

Our current setup is two 6000 controllers (1 master and 1 standby) that perform double duty (master and local). We eventually want to split out and have two dedicated master controllers and let the 6000s be local only.


My question, though is with license pooling. Can we use this feature in the setup described above? From what I was reading, the license pooling happens at the master controller level and checks out licenses to the local controllers.



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Re: Question about license pooling with two 6000 controllers

You have to be specific.  The 6000 is just a chassis.  Do you have an M3, SC-I or SC-II in that Chassis?  Only the M3 is available for Centralized Licensing.


You can use separate masters, where one is the centralized licensing server.  If anything happens to that controller however...

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Re: Question about license pooling with two 6000 controllers

Assuming these are M3s, yes, you can enable centralized licensing in 6.3.x.  IF that master controller goes down, the aggregate license pool is available for 30 days post failure.  This is assuming your 1st scenario with 2 controllers (Master/local).


Once you break out to dedicated masters, then they will be in charge of the management of these license pools.  The same failure scenario applies however.  IF BOTH masters die (extremely unlikely), then the 2 locals will have 30 days of ability to use the centralized licenses.  


IF it takes you longer than 30 days to restore your mobility network, we have other issues to talk about :-)

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