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Question related to usage of Rest API with Clearpass

Hey Guys,

I am trying to use the basic Rest API with Clearpass to create guest user accounts.


The requirement is to create accounts without specifying the password field. However, omitting the password field in the API call results in the following error:

Error creating guest account test@abc.com by sponsor oauth2:test from  Reason: Guest accounts must include the password property


I am aware of the random password generator API. I have the following questions:


1. Is it possible to create guest user accounts without passing the password parameter in the API call or usage of random password API ?


- Can any of the guest manager or create_user form settings generate the random passwords ?


2. In case usage of random password API or another way to generate passwords outside Clearpass is mandatory , can someone share a working example of using the random password API to generate the password & use the dervied value in the API used for creating guest account.

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