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Questions about CLI output (ARM)

I am trying to figure out or decipher some output I get by running some commands at the CLI. I am sure what I am looking to learn is out there somewhere, but I have not been able to find it.


If I run show ap arm state ap-name <ap-name> I see:

 Neighbor Density and 4 numbers separated by slashes #/#/#/#. What do those numbers represent?


Along the same lines, if I run show ap arm rf-summary ap-name <ap-name> I see:

 Current arm assignment #-/# or #+/#

Intf_idx #/# (#)

Cov_idx #/#//#/# (#)

Noise floor #


I am trying to get an idea of what those are, what they should be and what would raise a red flag or indicate potential issues.


I am not experiencing any issues but rather just trying to educate myself. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd apprecaite the input.

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Re: Questions about CLI output (ARM)

Please see the ARM supplement here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/aruba/attachments/aruba/70/1204/1/ARM+Doc+Supplement.pdf


Quite frankly, it is rare that those parameters need to be changed in the majority of circumstances.

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Re: Questions about CLI output (ARM)

Thanks. I am not sure how I missed that document as it was pretty obvious.

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