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RAP-155 vs. AP205H

Hello, i am using 7010 controller together with a few 225ap's.

I want to add 205H to some locations because of the switchports it offers, as new wiring is almost impossible in the desired locations. So i can do both extend the wireless network and expand the wired port count on location.

I have also some unused RAP-155, that are also a dual radio 4 port APs. Could i use them instead of the 205H. I know i can convert it to controller managed AP but which one is superior and how does the mixed configuration with wireless-N APs influence the AC performance of the 225? What about roaming? Or it will simply "downgrade" to keep in touch with the slowest and least capable AP in the setup? 


thank you and sorry for my english

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Re: RAP-155 vs. AP205H

I personally do not like to mix N with AC but I am sure it will work.  Only other thing I can add is the RAP-155 has 100Mb throughput and the IAP-205H has just 40Mb.


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