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RAP-3 Clients Connect at Half Max Speed(bps)

I have a question/issue regarding connection speeds. I have several Aruba RAP-3 deployed at various locations. The RAPs are managed by a Aruba 3400 Series Wireless Controller running OS. The RAPs are able to reach the controller without an issue. No problem with connectivity. 


However, I see that all the connected clients Max Speed(bps) read 144m with 2.4 Ghz Band. The Radio PHY readsn 40 Mhz. The client workstation PHY reads n 20 Mhz. 


Bandsteering is enable on the controller and prefer 5Ghz is set as default. Allowed band is set to 'All'. 


When I change the change the 'Bandwidth Capability' to 11a/b/g:20/40Mhz, instead of the windows default 11a:20/40,11bg:20Mhz on my wireless NIC, the wireless controller reads my max speed to be '300m' and Radio PHY as n 40 Mhz / Client PHY n 40 Mhz. Also, I ntoice that the health% improves too. 


Is there a setting on the wireless controller that would improve the max speed time for the workstations? Is the windows default setting the cause of the issue? 





Re: RAP-3 Clients Connect at Half Max Speed(bps)

There is something you need to take in mind

The uplink por of the rap3 is 100Mbsp so even if you are connnecting to whatever speed higher than that wont make it faster... as you will have a bottleneck on the port.


The rap3 its for a few users connected to it.  Or  something like a few users using internet...


Also the RAP3 just work on b/g/n it wont work on a(5Ghz Band)

If you got 40Mhz channel on 2.4ghz you should turn that off, is not recommended on 2.4ghz, just use that on 5ghz.




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