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RAP-5 Remove hotspot

I have a working RAP-5 using usb hotspot.


They however are not getting the best hotspot coverage and now want to deploy it with a cable modem using port 0 instead of the USB. The RAP is over 500 miles away so a site visit for this isn't really an option. I thought if I went into provisioning and removed the check mark on the USB settings it would kill the RAP and they then could just plug the cable modem into port 0 and it would work but of course it's not working (hense this post)


The staff on the far side are not that tech savy so if I can get this done remotely without walk them through factory reseting the RAP and setting it back up that would be best. 


Nothing happens when I remove the check box for the USB settings on the provisioning screen. It just reboots and connects via the hotspot again. When I go into provisioning it shows the usb check box turned back on.


Aruba 3600 controller


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