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RAP 5 requires provisioning profile frequently



My RAP 5's will lose their profile sporadically.  End users cannot get connectivity on the LAN ports to our internal network.  A resolution that has worked 100 percent is to put the RAP on our internal network and point to the Aruba controller.  This pushes the profile and the RAP begins to work again after the USB cell modem is inserted.   


The Aruba Controller is running  I have not tested to see if the USB cell modem is pingable when this happens but again, when I hardwire it to my LAN and enter the controllers IP addresss, its status resolves to UP and I plug the USB in and can now move around the city on the corporate LAN. 


Is there a way to look up the code version on the RAP or is it a thin device that cannot be consoled into? 


Any help would be appreciated. 


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Re: RAP 5 requires provisioning profile frequently

Unless the RAP is factory defaulted, the RAP is running the same software version as the controller.  If your wired ports or VAP on the RAP is in split-tunnel or bridge mode, you can browse to rapconsole.arubanetworks.com on one of the RAP connected laptops/PCs and see the version as well.  Additionally, if the RAP is connected to its controller, you can show the RAP code version by issuing:  "show ap image version" from the CLI of the controller.


When you perform your resolution procedure, are you factory defaulting the RAP and reprovisioning the RAPs?  What IP address are you using for the LMS in your AP system profile?  Is that IP address accessable from the Internet?  I'm thinking the RAP's aren't losing their profile but they are losing connectivity to the controller.  In which case your VAPs are gone, unless you have a VAP in backup mode, and the wired ports won't get you anywhere unless you have some additional configuration on the controller.


Also, is really old.  Consider an upgrade to or perhaps 6.x if your controller supports it.  Consult your SE before doing an upgrade though.

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Re: RAP 5 requires provisioning profile frequently

Thanks, Mike.  I will research some of the questions you have asked and get back to you as soon as possible.  You are right, the code on the controller is old.  We are working to upgrade soon. 

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Re: RAP 5 requires provisioning profile frequently

Now, that I know a little bit more about Aruba, I have moved this topic to another I just posted 03/13/12 @ 4:55.


I upgraded the controller to 6.x.x but still have not gotten the Raps 100% production functional. 

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