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RAP Error in debug logfile -Help please-

Hi everyone,


we are using an OAW-4604 with version   and following RAPs:





We have around 20 external office, which are using an RAP to create a VPN over DSL.


We use our internal dhcp server to give the clients at our external office an IP adress.  Works fine with the OAW-RAP5. But we've got a problem with the external office which uses an OAW-RAP5WN  (Im not quite sure if the problem really is the OAW-RAP5WN).


The colleagues on this specific external office doesn't receive an IP via DHCP and have a lot of problem with low bandwith. I already talked to our DSL Provider, they said they don't have any problems (it's DSl 1000 Business, maybe to low ?; our other external offices have DSL 3000 or 6000... ). We are currently upgrading the DSL to the maximum (3000) .

But i'm seeing an error code in the debug logs of the access point:



Mar 13 08:51:39 sapd[1007]: <311020> <ERRS> |AP RAP5_FH-Handschuh@ sapd| ^[file sapd_redun.c] [function setup_dhcp] [line 1571] [error IP over ethernet failed]
Mar 13 08:51:39 sapd[1007]: <311020> <ERRS> |AP RAP5_FH-Handschuh@ sapd| ^[file sapd_redun.c] [function redun_retry_tunnel] [line 3318] [error redun_retry_tunnel: Setting up DHCP failed]

 Anybody got a guess what i can do ? Should i just wait for the bandwidth upgrade ?


Thanks !





Re: RAP Error in debug logfile -Help please-

are we talking about wired users or wireless users that does not reicive DHCP? or both?


How your configuration looks like onthe access control for both things?

Also the mode you are using in both wired and wireless (tunnel, split tunneling or bridge)

i need more info to help you


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Re: RAP Error in debug logfile -Help please-

Hello Nightshade1,


thanks for your reply. We are talking about both wired and wireless users. Mode is tunnel mode.


Today the DSL bandwidth was increased by the provider and the problem's gone. Seems like DSL 1000 is not enough.


Problems solved :)





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