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RAP Licensing

I have a qustion of RAP licensing.. It appears I have a bunch of unused licensing for RAPs but the controller is telling me in the logs if adding another RAP it will be over the license limits...

Here is my licensing output:





(Aruba650) #show ap license-usage

Total AP Licenses                       : 51
Remote-Node AP Licenses Used            : 0
AP Licenses Used                        : 31
Tunneled Node Licenses Used                     : 0
Unused AP Licenses                      : 20
Licenses used for Campus AP's           : 0
Available Campus AP's                   : 0
Licenses used for Remote AP's           : 31
Available Remote AP's                   : 1
Total Ortronics AP Licenses             : 0
Ortronics AP Licenses Used              : 0
Total Indoor Mesh AP's Supported        : 64
Indoor Mesh AP's Active                 : 0
Total Outdoor Mesh AP's supported       : 64
Outdoor Mesh AP's Active                : 0
Total RF Protect Licenses               : 32
Remote-Node RF Protect Licenses Used    : 0
RF Protect Licenses Used                : 31
Total PEF Licenses                      : 35
Remote-Node PEF Licenses Used           : 0
PEF Licenses Used                       : 31
Total 802.11n-120abg Licenses   : 0

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Re: RAP Licensing

The reason is your RFP license. You only have 32 of RFP licenses. The controller needs to have an equal amount of licenses to fully utilize all licenses you have. For example:

AP: 51

PEF: 51

RF: 51


If you have an unbalance number, the AP will only allow up to the minimum of whatever license you have. In your case you have the following:

AP: 51

PEF: 35

RF: 32


Controller will only allow you to use up to 32 APs. Need to explan your RF license to go beyond 32 and may need to do the same on PEF as well if you need to go beyond 35.



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Re: RAP Licensing

Do I need PEF and RF licenses? I was handed this off so I was never involved in the licensing, etc. I am stricly using the RAPs for remote access in. Not doing anything with blocking, etc. Can I unactivate the PEF and RF licenses?

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Re: RAP Licensing

If you are using firewall features (ACL, etc) then you need PEF. RF is for wireless IDS/etc. Here is a summary of what both licenses provides:



- Spectrum Analysis

- Wireless IDS



- User Roles/Rights

- ACLs

- Layer 4 - 7 control

- QoS


Review your config before deactivating licenses. You can create a problem. Also, you may want to do a backup if you are thinking of deactivating the licenses.



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Re: RAP Licensing


if you are having 6.3 version in the controller then number of campus APs limit is equal to number of RAPs..which means in 650 controller the maximum number of APs supported is 32 which includes both CAP and RAP...

since you already have 31 used license so you can either bring one CAP or one RAP.

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