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RAP Sizing

Hello I would like to know how many users i can have with no issue behind :


RAP2:Wireless users + Wired users

RAP3:Wireless users + wired users

RAP5:Wireless users + wired users


I ask this becusaei got a client in which he will like t connect a remote site

Which one has 10 wired clients and 3 or 4 Wireless clients

Another site in which it has 20 wired clietns and 3 or 5 Wireless clients

Anotehr site with just 3 wireless client and 1 wired clients


What rap is recommended for this?


Guess for the last scenario ai  could use a rap2?


On the other sites is where im not sure.... on the remote site there will be a L2 Switch in which i ll send the tags of a data vlan and a voice vlan for ip phones in there through the rap wired port.


Any suggestions in this?


Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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