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RAP Sole DHCP Server and Split-Tunneling - Possible?

Let me start by saying that I'm new to Aruba, hopefully that says it all :). I have a client with a 7205 controller that has multiple remote sites running RAP-109s. Each site has it's own wired VLAN, but the wireless users at each site share a VLAN. Initially, each site was setup so that all traffic was tunneled back to the controller at the main office, but now we have split-tunneling in place because 1. tunneling all of the sites back to the main office chewed up a ton of bandwidth and 2. they want non-network traffic to go straight out to the Internet.


What I've been working on lately is setting up the backup DHCP server on the RAPs so that if the controller goes down, the sites still pull an IP and can at least continue to function by connecting to the Internet. We've been experiencing problems with computers randomly pulling 169 addresses, we think this is after their ISP experiences a short outage or there is a "blip" in their service, but I think the backup DHCP server will resolve this issue.


The thing that I'm facing now is that they want to be able to print if the controller goes down. Right now, network printers at each site are statically assigned with IPs from the VLAN that is assigned to each site. The issue is that I cannot use the same VLAN for the backup DHCP server on the RAPs as the VLAN that they pull while connected to the controller. This means that they will not be able to communicate with the printer while the controller is down.


A friend recommended configuring the RAPs to be the sole DHCP server, but I haven't found any documentation pointing to that being a possibility in split-tunnel mode. What I'd really like to know is, how can I make this work? The criticals are:

1. Network traffic going back to the controller at the main office.

2. Non-network traffic going straight out to the Internet.

3. Internet access when the controller is down.

4. Ability to print when the controller is down.


Please help! (If you could provide as much detail as possible it would be greatly appreciated, like I said I'm new to this). Thanks!

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