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RAP Throughtput Question

Hello Everyone yet another quetion :) im full of questions i cannot find in the documentation :(

I have seem tables that you have posted before here

in which it tells that the RAP2 total throughput is 4mbs, rap 3 20mbs and rap 5 80mbs.

And well AP 93 in rap mode its 10mbs


Okay Knowing this

Why the throughput for exampe from a AP 93 get down from 300mbs to 10mbs??? where is the  other 290mbs? and okay let say thats the theorical througput lets get real let say its 150mbs throughput but still where is the other 140mbs?


This does not affect if the traffic is bridged as i just did the test.. with my rap 2  and at least im getting a throuput on my client of 15mbs


Anyone can explain this?



Well thats just bealiving the table Aruba guys gave... as i could try and test the real throughput putting the RAP on my LAN simulating internet.... with some L3 switch...


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Re: RAP Throughtput Question

Have have you tried the througbout test on rapconsole.arubanetworks.com ? When an AP125 was provisioned as a RAP this was now available.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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