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RAP and Control Plane Security (CPSEC)



I have a 7210 controller running A few months back I ran into a major problem and one of the things that was done during troubleshooting was to disable Control Plane Security.


I am currently trying to provision RAP 303's and they come up in the default group on the controller.


Once I provision them and hit the "apply and reboot" button they never come back up.


Is Control Plane Security required for RAPs to work properly?


I know that if I enable CPSEC again all the APs will reboot. Are there any other things that can happen?

Stuff like APs not coming up and such...


Thanks for your help!


best regards,


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Re: RAP and Control Plane Security (CPSEC)

CPSEC is only used for Campus APs.  It is not used for RAPs.

Turning on CPSEC will give you an outage as all APS get a certificate.


If your access points came up with no problems before and your discovery methods have not changed, turning on CPSEC would not change that.

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Re: RAP and Control Plane Security (CPSEC)

Did you add your AP303(s) to the RAP whitelist on the controller?

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Re: RAP and Control Plane Security (CPSEC)

Thanks for your help!


Well, the problem with the 303's came down to a typo in the IKE PSK... :-/ I thought I copied in the correct PSK but obviously I did not.


But I still need to enable CPSEC to be able to use bridge mode. That, however, is another story.


Thanks for the info, much appreciated!

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