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RAP and PCI compliance

I am wondering if anyone can give me some information on the RAP's and it's ablility to be PCI compliant in the following configuation.


I will have a DSL/3g/4g connection into a RAP5 the RAP will provide normal Wireless monitoring and connectivity for NON CDE data. 1 port on the RAP5 will be set to tunel all traffic back to datacenter and will have PCI data on it.


See the attached PDF for a visual of what i am looking at.

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Re: RAP and PCI compliance

Statefull firewall inspection (check)

Segmentaiton of CDE and non-CDE data (check)

WPA/WPA2 encryption on CDE network (check I assume??)


Assuming you're also doing rogue detection you should be compliant.


This question was posted a while ago, so I assume you figured it out.  Can you reply back with your experience in making sure your network was PCI compliant?

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