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RAP as SOHO VPN Gateway


Hi community,


i want to use a RAP as as small SOHO VPN Gateway.


RAP is setup with wired-AP set to split-tunnel. 


In case of connection-loss to the Controller the RAP can act as DHCP-Server and Router so the clients can continue to work locally and can get access to the internet.


This works fine, but i want to finetune:

If the failover-mode comes up the network range changes, all clients (Small Office, so we have just 6 Clients) must renew their IP-Adresses.


If one single Client is connected directly with copper to RAP it gets an down/up event on the network link and does the DHCP-renew. But we have 6 clients - so they are behind a small switch and they are keeping their old config (DHCP Lease is still valid for hours...).


So my Idea was to use the same IP network-range with in both modes,  with as Gateway, configured on the WLAN-Controller AND ALSO configured as  DHCP-Server-IP and Default-GW on the RAP for backup mode. rap-dhcp-server-vlan is set to VLAN 999, so this differs from the normal VLAN.


BUT: This does not seem to work. 


The rap-dhcp-server-id seems to conflict if the same IP is configured on Mainoffice-side at any time.

Using the same network is ok, but rap-dhcp-server-id and rap-dhcp-default-router must be set to a non-conflicting IP, which is bad, because the clients keep sending  Traffic to the not longer existant default-gateway as long as they do a dhcp-renew (which can be a very long period).

Any Ideas? bug or feature? Any workaround possible?


Config Excerpts:


interface vlan 100
ip address

ap wired-ap-profile "RAP-Wire-Test1"
forward-mode split-tunnel
switchport access vlan 100


rap-dap system-profile "RAP-Folketest"

rap-dhcp-server-vlan 999
rap-dhcp-lease 3


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