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RAP boot sequence

I have a setup with two master controllers independent of one another. I would like to provision a RAP (on a differnet subnet to the controllers) so that it can failover between the two devices. Master A is the device the RAP is currently terminating on. I would like to provision the RAP with an LMS-IP address of Master B and a backup LMS-IP address of Master A. My questions is what master IP address to use for the device. If the RAP reboots when Master B is down - if the master IP address is configured as Master B IP address will it still use the backup LMS-IP address of Master A and connect to Master A.

Sorry if the design seems strange but it has to be this way.

Re: RAP boot sequence


It should be able to transition from B to A if A is listed as the Backup LMS

Thank you

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Re: RAP boot sequence

I wasnt sure If it would attempt to communicate with the configured master IP first or the LMS-IP then move to the Backup LMS-IP.


Re: RAP boot sequence

You are right.  If you provision the master IP as the controller that goes down, the RAP will not come up (if rebooted).   In that case, you should provision the RAPs against a DNS name not an IP.  Then just assign both IPs to the host record in DNS.  It may take a little longer to come up if one controller is down and that happens to be the IP returned from DNS, the RAP should keep trying and ultimately get the other controller.  

This is similar to how geographical redundancy is setup for RAPs.   See the VRD:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/vrd/RAPVRD/AppC.html.



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Re: RAP boot sequence

Hmmm, so if the RAPs configured master is not available, then the device will not come up regardless of LMS-IP address it has in its configuration?

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