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RAP clients losing connection.


We have configured some AP105 AP's as a RAP in bridge mode.
On these RAP's we have a Guest and a office SSID, each locally breaked out in its own vlan.
The last months, we have problems with some win7 laptops who are connected to the office ssid.
They sometimes get no connection to their server on the office vlan. The customer needs to reboot the laptop.
In the logging on the controller of a specific client's mac-adres I see messages with different IP adresses.
I see these messages every couple minutes.
One IP is a adress from the office network and the other is from the Guest network.


Apr 15 07:03:52 2014 local-1 authmgr[2311]: <522157> <INFO> <local-1 > Update wireless bridge-mode user: username= MAC=ac:81:12:37:f7:0a IP=<guestIP-number> AP=AP105-RAP-1 aclnum=107.
Apr 15 07:06:11 2014 local-1 authmgr[2311]: <522157> <INFO> <local-1 > Update wireless bridge-mode user: username= MAC=ac:81:12:37:f7:0a IP=<office IP-number> AP=AP105-RAP-1 aclnum=105.

I see these messages only when the laptop is not in use, but is normaly powered on.
The laptop has no power savings configured, this also counts for the WLAN-adapter
The office SSID has a preshared key and the guest ssid is open.
On the laptop there is only one SSID configured.
I don't see any associations from the laptop to the Guest SSID, I neither see disassociations from the office SSID during that time


It seems these problems have started after upgrading from version to


Does anyone know what these messages mean and what could be the cause?

Could this be related to the problems?

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Re: RAP clients losing connection.

Those are standard messages for when users authenticate.  I suggest you open a support case, because there is much more information that is needed to determine what is going on here.

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