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RAP connection monitoring

Hi Airheads Community,

I was asked recently if there is any chance to monitor a RAP associated with a Aruba 3400 controller.
Is it possible to monitor a RAP connection?
Are there any SNMP options to collect some RAP connection information from the Aruba controller?
Background is that I like to monitor my outside branch offices.
Is it even possible to get some information like data throughput on the Connection?

Thanks in advance for your efforts.

Re: RAP connection monitoring



A. You might wanna consider using AirWave.


It's awesome t00l  - and will monitor and report all u need :)


B. here  some MIB information - take a look and find what u are looking for.



C.Try to see if syslog might assist u - Also attached PDF for that.




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Re: RAP connection monitoring

As has been mentioned, I would seriously recommend you consider Airwave. This makes things very slick.


You can achieve things with other platforms, but results vary from good to impractical dependant on that platforms support for Aruba MIBs (I.e. some won't take them).



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Re: RAP connection monitoring

Hi there,

I would like to check whether Airwave 7.7.7 is able to monitor AP-225 in bridge mode which includes clients statistic and data throughput? The AP-225 is set to RAP bridge mode and the data is bridged locally.


If not, then the only solution is to use tunnel node?



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