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RAP for WFH user overseas

Hello community,

First time I got a request to make a 205H as a remote AP to work overseas with voice.  My controller for RAP to terminate is in the US.  The PoE port for phone is locked down so that it will only work with that phone.   All unused wired ports on 205H are shut down, user connects to corporate WiFi over RF dot11a only, and authenticate by EAP-TLS.

Any problems, gotchas that I need to watch for?  


~Trinh Nguyen~
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Re: RAP for WFH user overseas

It is illegal for a U.S. controller to terminate an AP for anywhere besides the U.S.

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Re: RAP for WFH user overseas


Thanks, you just save me from breaking the law.

Best Regards,

~Trinh Nguyen~
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