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RAP guest 4g



I´ve got a request to do a setup where a site has 2 SSIDs.


1 for corparate wich should go over thier mpls network. Ethernet connection.

1 for guest  wich should go over 4g plugged in to RAP.


I´ve always only used 4g as backup before. Is it possible to configure this routing behavior in a RAP/CAP or IAP whats the best solution ? Can´t find any documentation on how to do this.

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Re: RAP guest 4g



Just wanted to say that I contacted TAC and they confirmed that both RAP and IAP only support one active uplink at a time. So this configuration isn't possible.


Good to know.


Recommended customer to setup a seperate 4g-router with ethernetport and send guest traffic to that vlan and route to 4g-router. While send corporate traffic to another vlan.

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