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RAP in client table

Hi, I'm having a weird issue.


When I configure a RAP for connecting to my controller, all works fine if they connect locally, but behind a firewall RAP appear at client list table:



24:de:c6:cd:b8:90 00:00:00:00:00:00IP From VPN pooldefault-vpn-roleVPN N/A802.11  tunnel
  00:00:00:00:00:00Public IPlogonVPN N/A802.115 mins tunnel


I have the access Point in RAP whitelist, and I have checked that IKe phase 1 and 2 are stablished.


In addition, at client list I can see hoy IP from VPN pool assigned to RAP is changing every 20 seconds.


Any idea?


ArubaOS version: 6.4.02

Firewall model: StoneSoft Firewall FW-1035





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Re: RAP in client table

The ip address of a RAP will appear in the user table, yes.  If it keeps changing, that could mean that the access point is having connectivity issues and is trying to reconnect.  On the commandline, type "show log system 50" to see if the access point is rebootstrapping.

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Re: RAP in client table

Finally was a Firewall issue.


All was fine at the Aruba side :P


Regards, and thanks for your help

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