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RAP provisioning

I'm having an issue with some AP105 devices getting provisioned. We had a working process whereby we connected the APs to a controller and allowed them to obtain a DHCp address and download their code. We then rebooted them and added in the configuration info using the setenv commands. They were then able to connect over a WAN to the controller where they were properly provisioned into their groups. We cant access the controller from here so thats why its a sort of "part provisioning" process until they get to site. Recently a couple of the APs do not seem to have retained their code  - when they boot the console output shows - "verifying checksum.... failed" "Invalid image format". Any ideas why they wont keep their code when rebooted.

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Re: RAP provisioning

We would need the entire console output to determine what is the issue.

When it boots at the console, it should say the version of code it upgraded to.


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Re: RAP provisioning

I think I have cracked it. It seems that after the code has downloaded, the AP needs to be left to reboot in order for the OS image to be fixed into the AP. Previous APs were using APBoot version and the newer ones are using which may have made a difference.

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