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RAP reboot

Dear Sirs,


We are seeing one RAP3 goes down and the following message in the log.


WB-JOHN-ROGOVIN-RAP3       WB-SOHO-RAP5-WIRED-EMPLOYEE           RAP-3WN    Down                Rc2    10.140.xxx.xxx     00:0b:86:9f:81:ad  BF0063365        N/A 


Nov 19 03:23:33  nanny[917]: <303022> <WARN> |AP WB-JOHN-ROGOVIN-RAP3@ nanny|  Reboot Reason: AP rebooted Fri Dec 31 16:31:37 PST 1999; Unable to set up IPSec tunnel after 85 tries


Can they be related? Any better way to troubleshoot? Interesting enough that it's not an AP so that "show ap ....." commands are not avaiable.Please advise. Thanks,

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Re: RAP reboot

We would need more information about your infrastructure:


- Do you have a single controller or multiple controllers?

- You would see this message from a device where it finds the first controller, but the LMS-IP in the access point's ap system profile in ap-group points it to another controller that does not exist.  When the access point finally reboots because it cannot find that second controller, it comes up and reports that it did not find the second controller, to the first controller.  Without knowing your setup, we cannot determine if that is your issue.


- The "show ap" commands do not work for devices that are not currently up and running on a controller, so that might explain why those commands fail...

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