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RAP's only up for 15 secs ??

Hi all, after a ton of grief getting a juniper fwall to allow RAP's in, I have finally seen 2 test RAPs on the controller come up, get an inner IP.  They then drop after about 15 secs ?? I have them configured using PSK, not certs, any suggestion to troubleshoot this ??



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Re: RAP's only up for 15 secs ??

#1 reason:


Do you have a private ip address for the LMS-IP in the AP system profile?  If you do, remove it.


By the way, nobody uses a PSK for raps, because it is less secure and harder to use than simple certificate-based.

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Re: RAP's only up for 15 secs ??

Colin,many thanks, never come across that before and dont recall it in any docs, yes thats done the trick, will now reprovision with certs..

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