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RAP termination in 8.1

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Longtime reader, first time poster. We're starting to evaluate 8.1 for deployment and have an extensive RAP setup that needs to be migrated. I'm still working to understand the differences in 8.1 and one aspect that is confusing is RAP termination. We plan on using one virtual MM and rely on VMware clustering to ensure the VM stays up. According to some documentation the RAP will need to terminate on a NAT'd IP of the MM. Will the MM then "pass on" the RAP to terminate on an MD in a clustered environment? Does the MD also then need a public IP? Also, the RAPs must authenticate on the MM via certificates and not PSK, is that right? Broadly speaking, I'd like to be clear on how the RAP works in a cluster, since clustering MDs seems to be best practice for resiliency. The 8.1 guide has an extensive section on RAP setup but it is lacking in detail in how RAPs work in clusters, except for a brief blurb on the lc-rap-pool command. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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